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Christian Benimana is a member of Mass Group in Rwanda. He strongly believes that the architecture of a place can have a profound effect on the user, and that every architecture project should have a transcendent idea. How can a hospital building better heal its patients, and how can the structure of a school help its students learn.


Examples of the work of Mass Group are the Rwinkwavu NICU/OR project, an Intensive Care Unit that focused on how the architecture could help heal the patients of the center, and the Maternity Waiting Village project in Malawi, that aimed to reduce maternal mortality with the building as a shelter. They realized a “village” by creating clusters of four-bed units around small courtyards, offering women a protected, comfortable, and dignified space in which to carry out daily activities. Designed around replicable modules and built from locally-made CSEB (compressed stabilized earth blocks), the facility can be replicated and adapted to other sites as part of the country’s drive to improve maternal health. In this project women took part as builders and women were also asked to add decorations.



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